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2-color riso animation

Loved Kelli's workshop last week, learned a lot from her, including new Photoshop shortcuts and tips and tricks for producing our animations!

My animation:

We set up some contact sheets for our frames in Photoshop! I deleted half the frames to make this a faster process

And then we translated the contact sheets into 2 color channels for the purpose of printing. I planned to use fluoro pink and blue.

And then we print!

The color alignments were not super perfect all the time, but I had great alignment on my second sheet! Also, the colors really looked significantly different per sheet, which I found confusing and annoying. Alas, that is a byproduct of the imperfect riso printing process.

I love the way my prints came out and am even more excited to scan and build the animation from these frames.

Overall, I think of the riso printer as a lovable little brother who tries its best but isnt always perfect. I love the way the imperfections come out when you scan and zoom in.

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