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2021.09.07 | Hypercinema Week 1

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Wow, full class!

I used a Zoom recorder for the first time today, which was pretty cool. This week we learned about sound, sound art, sound artifacts, etc...

Some examples from class that I really liked:

  • Christian Marclay: Record "reconstruction" - he cuts and reassembles records to gain more record-player vs. record sound 'artifacts.' I like the idea of a sound artifact here, as if all sounds are artifacts, yet his are the products of sound makers.

  • Celeste Bournier-Mougenot: Floating porcelain dinnerware clinking around to make sounds. Similar to the Yayoi Kusama silver balls in the NYBG right now, except those don't make very much sound (or maybe the sounds are drowned out by nature).

  • The Visitors: This piece came to me several years ago via my good friend B. Herrmann who wrote an essay about it in the first edition of our publication, XXS.

Class Slide Deck

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