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6/365: Pullup on Touchdesigner

I wired up a bunch of pullup switches to attach to Touchdesigner in place of pushbuttons. The pushbuttons are automatically OFF until pressed, and I wanted to have something that could be ON without holding on to the switch.

I'm also experiencing a lot of finickiness between Arduino, Firmata, and Touchdesigner, but after fidgeting it tends to work out. Some notes: Serial Monitor/Plotter cannot be on, and firmata can only be open in one touchdesigner window. If there are instances of Firmata in other outside TD windows, it won't work.

After some fidgeting, everything is connected. For the switches to read properly, the pin mode must be set to PULLUP, but in the pin Values tab, the pins are not able to be referenced. Not sure why, or how to fix this...

But you can see clearly that the switches are connected and working properly. I will continue investigating...

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