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Application of NFTs

For week 3, the next subject is XR, 5G, and NFTs. My idea for our artifact was for everyone to mint their own NFT, and here's mine!

In the Great Pandemic of the Twenties, I produced a publication to bring all my friends and colleagues closer together. The prompt was a list of anything - 12 things. One of my lists ended up becoming a list of 12 different ways to ask my friends to submit lists, AKA 12 Ways to Say I Miss You. The NFT is one list item of 12. And is for sale here!

I used Mintable to mint the NFT, which was super super easy. And I noticed that the site also does an image search of the NFT to determine authenticity. The tumblr link is actually a link to the publication's website! Which makes sense. This is authentic I promise!

Something else that I found interesting was that I had the option to sell the copyright to this image. I did not opt in for that because I want this to be my own work, but I appreciated that that was a question asked.

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