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Applications Pre-Week 1 Assignment

For the record, assignments before class even starts are not fair.

  • Syllabus. Here is the link and it's also attached. You will find our weekly topics. I will announce our speakers for the topics each week.

  • Books. The two required books can be found. Please note the libraries have limited copies.

  • NYU Library

  • NYC Public Library

  • Your Public Library. Depending on where you come from, your local public library if you have a library card might also have a copy, particularly a digital copy. For example, some systems use the Libby app where you could also check out these books.

  • Amazon

  • The Signals Are Talking by Amy Webb Used books from $1.92 to the digital version $11.99

  • Radical Technologies By Adam Greenfield Used books from $2.32 to the digital version of $9.99

  • Readings & Videos

  • Please read and watch the following before class on Tuesday, September 9th.

  • The Tech That Will Invade Our Lives, NYT, Jan. 2021 (PDF is also attached)

  • Where Good Ideas Come From. Stephen Johnson,

  • Come to class with:

  • 3 specific types of tech invading your life.

  • 3 ideas at the intersection of tech, media, art, design, etc that you think are interesting, your own or others. Be prepared to post in your class journal.

  • My example:

  • A startup solving for the problem of biased data sets in AI

  • NEW Inc. A nonprofit solving for the problem of creating sustainable creator's careers

  • Supernatural, solving for the optimization of a VR use case, it's a fantastically fun game I could not play anywhere else and it's an incredible workout!

  • Tuesday Class Agenda

  • Class Overview. I will present an overview of the class and tech & emerging technology as I see it as a practitioner, corporate strategist, and startup investor.

  • The Blog. I will provide information on the blog where you will upload your weekly assignments

  • Working Squad Spreadsheet. This will be the sheet you and your working squad will work from.

  • Begin Your First Assignment.

  • Agenda

  • 6:40 - 7:20 pm. Introductions and Exercise

  • 7:20 - 8:00 pm. Class overview lecture, Q & A

  • 8:00 - 8:10 pm. Break

  • 8:10 pm - 9:10. Meet group, create a working squad name, begin the first assignment.

  • Homework Due Date. Working Squad schedules a second meeting before the next class to complete the assignment and post on Blog by Monday, September 13th at 11 pm.

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