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Arduino > MQTT

Arduino to MQTT, oh have you ailed me

I struggled a lot with this exercise.

Thursday > Arduino was refusing to connect to broker.

Friday. Bianca is here to help me!

Friday 2 PM > Arduino refused to connect to IDE. Get new Arduino. It works!

Friday 3 PM > Connect to MQTT successfully!

Friday 4:30 PM > Unable to read messages from MQTT server in my dashboard. It is able to write the random test number from the script

Friday 5:30 PM > This is what we're trying to debug:

  • my script was unable to read the MQTT messages on my topic 'julia/#'

  • I can read messages from topic 'bgan/#'

  • Bianca can read messages from topic 'julia/#' on her html

  • Why can't I read topic 'julia/#'?

Friday 6:00 PM > Borrow Bianca's code and debug from there. She does some magic and it works. Neither of us understand why.


From here, my goals are to work on the dashboard a little and get it to a more attractive place, and to start working on the physical housing for the sensor. I want to have two running as a 'ballot sensor' on a 'voting machine' that is a kinetic sculpture. Either vote will trigger a visual on the digital and physical dashboards.

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