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The Lucky Lemons (Group 7) as ads.

We want to see how well advertising and SEO algorithms 'know' us by creating a map of our team with ads that we receive on different digital platforms (Instagram, FB, Youtube, etc). Looking at all the ads together, how well do corporations know us? How close are these representations to our actual selves? And how will our ads cross-connect and influence each other over time?


A note or thought from class:

"I have a friend who works for Boston Dynamics and works on integrating the dogs into the construction industry. But what are those humanoid robots for??? Will they be our grandparents' caretakers or military forces overseas? Will they be our pets, our friends, or our worst nightmares? Did anyone else read Klara and the Sun? Do we currently have any 'robot' friends/companions? I reckon Siri counts... (s)he is always by my side when I need a timer."

Class spreadsheet here

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