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Capacitive Touch Sensor

I am trying to make a capacitive touch sensor!

First, on the Uno...

The Capacitive Sensor documentation didn't help as much as I needed it to, because it exclusively uses a Teensy in their example. I found another tutorial from a site called Bare Conductive just to get the simple switch working.

And it worked!

I made the capacitive switch from a strand of solder

And now I have the LEDs set up to turn on when the sensor is activated

Time to send this to the ATTiny!

Ok I sent it to the Tiny, but I'm having an issue with Serial communication coming out of the Tiny, so the LED is not activating... a problem for tomorrow.

Ok I switched the LED pin to pin 0 on the ATTiny (one of the PWM pins), and it works!

And now I have two LEDs in parallel...


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