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Dance Dance Hero Multiplayer

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Dance Dance Hero is now a multiplayer game for two people - one person 'calls' the tiles falling down, and the other person has to hit them when they reach the fruit!

The computer keyboard version will soon be available here to play!

I was inspired by the games Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero, and wanted to create both a musical and physical game experience for users. After many trials, I realized that dance games like Dance Dance Revolution are not accessible for all users, and the multiplayer version of Dance Dance Hero would actually be *really* hard to play for a dancer. So, for now, the game uses two handheld controllers.

The two handheld controllers are connected to a p5 sketch using Arduino and p5.Serial control. Each controller has a set of four buttons that correspond with the columns on the screen.

The game is 4 minutes long, and the roles reverse in the middle! It is a collaborative game between two players to achieve a shared high score.

I started with a reference code from a Guitar Hero game on Open Processing by Joseph Aronson (thank you!). From there, I took it entirely apart, keeping only the scoring mechanism and tile call mechanism. And then I put it back together with a timer, fruits, and sounds!

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