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Data Dashboard HW Week 1

Coming into this assignment, I wanted to test a temperature and humidity sensor that I had laying around, but I think it is dead, which was not an encouraging start.

I swapped it out for a TMP36GZ temp sensor from the shop and my readings from the sensor were not what I was looking for, but I ignored that inaccuracy and jumped into the data dashboard lab. As long as I had data coming in, the sensor details could be fixed later.

I was feeling nervous about completing this lab, but once I read through it and realized it was basically everything Tom did in class, I felt more confident as I went through the steps with incremental success. Everything went smoothly!

Now I just have to finagle the sensor data to make it read what I want...


Starting to build a data device dashboard...

Step 1: Get a nano iot [borrow from the shop]

Step 2: Pick an environmental sensor... grabbed a TMP36GZ from the shop

Step 3: Talk to Martin, who offered some advice about how to go about this assignment

Step 4: Follow the Data Device Dashboard walkthrough

  • Send data to json file [success!!!]

  • Use terminal to tee json file to localhost [success!!!!]

  • And then connect it to Tom's sample HTML dashboard [succcccessss]

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