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Donner Party Immersive Experience

MK, Jinny, and I are working on an immersive experience set in the town of Donner, California. We want to bring awareness to the history of the town of Donner and its origin story.

Donner, CA is named after the Donner Pass, which is the route that the Donner Party embarked on to migrate westward to the coast. They got stuck in snowy conditions that did not let up, and over time had to resort to cannibalism to survive.

Our experience is in three parts:

1: "Welcome to Donner Ski Ranch, a fun family establishment!"

2: a blizzard emerges and everyone gets trapped in the snow! You must kill someone to survive!

3: Actually, the story of the Donner party isn't as dramatic as that. This is what REALLY happened.

We will be staging this in the MARL Audio Lab that has full screen projection and spatial audio, which will play a huge hand in creating this immersive experience.

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