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Draft Presentation Feedback

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Presenter 1: Julia Margaret Lu

Slides Link

Feedback from [Addison]:

-Very cool and very broad. Specificity would help a lot, or even just leaning into the large scale size of the potential.

-I do love the little hanging voting system, that’s an idea I would like to see scaled further.

-Big big thing is nice. I like big thing.

Feedback from [Leia]:

  • The revelation of a design system rather than a singular sculpture is super cool

  • Scalability is a good thought here

  • Still unsure about the participatory nature of your sculptures

Feedback from [Xiao]:

  • Like the underground fungi/ roots networks;

  • Balance and chaos of kinetic sculpture

Feedback from [Doris]:

  • Start with picture is really attractive

  • There are many prototype and it really make sense for me

Feedback from [Jinny]:

I’m really excited to see this move forward next semester. I did really enjoy the two directions of the prototypes you made! I did see the narrative one in person and participated in it, but I wish I got to see the other one!!

I did like the participatory aspect in the narrative piece and I’m curious as to see how the other one will be interacted with / not interacted with

Feedback from [Lauren]:

I like the direction this is heading, would love to see more details about how you imagine the participation.

Feedback from [Divya]:

  • I like that you’re looking more at the form & that it can be applied to different types of content. This also means it could become overwhelming so keep prototyping to nail down the specificity!

  • Think about whether you need narrative and what narrative means in a kinetic sculpture.

Feedback from [Changqi]:

I like the story of a water molecule, and all the visual potentials in this project,

The prototype is super cool, I wish to see it further developed and what kind of spatial cartography outcome it could be.

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