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Flip Mill Proof of Concept

Zoe and I are prototyping materials for our mirror. I scored some magnifying mirrors at a 99cent store over the weekend and am using those for a test flip mill in acrylic.

I felt confident going into this process, but ran into a number of issues:

- Order of operations: I cut the inner circle out in the first mill, but should have saved it for the last mill. All cuts should be completed in the second or last mill.

- Size of pocket: The pocket I made was engraved to the depth of the mirror but was too small for the mirror to fit. I scaled it up on the second mill so that it would fit at least 1 side. I think I scaled it up by 2% and it was roomy.

- Placing the material on the bed: I did not do a good job of placing the material at the bounds of the bed, and there are some parts that are a teeny bit flat from the raw material edge.

Overall, half way successful for a flip mill prototype.

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