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Forest Games | Animal Kingdom

Wow what a fun and challenging project!

Note: This sketch may or may not work on your computer.

See the sketch here

Jinny, Gracy, and I worked together to create a magical forest kingdom that rewards you for leaving your workstation.

Our sketch uses poseNet to detect whether you're sitting in front of your computer doing work, shopping, or playing around. When you leave, animal critters appear in the forest and embody your space. But the moment you come back, they hide away.

The concept here is that magical things occur when you leave your computer and enjoy the real world!

I owe a lot of the coding work to Jinny and Gracy who were able to spend a lot of time together this week debugging some issues. We had a lot planned for this sketch, including having the animals distort the forest image and building in a slight glitch for the static forest background. However, we reached a point where we were really challenging the limits of p5 and felt nervous about adding more.

In fact, the sketch barely works to begin with! It's very finicky. I think Jinny has a video of it actually working...

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