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Gaslighting Fake News Machine

I was tossing and turning until nearly 3 am last night, thinking of an idea for this upcoming performance. Plus, I probably had too much caffeine.

Behold, the gaslighting fake news machine (working title)!

I will broadcast it to the screen in the classroom and take my phone to the floor and film myself interviewing people on the floor, asking questions like "How do you feel about the weather today?" "How do you like your coffee?" and "How are you feeling today?" The questions will be live captioned and select word replacement will change the questions. Thus, the answers will be for entirely different questions!


"How do you feel about the weather today?" (spoken)

turns into

"How do you feel about the climate crisis?" (captioned)

and the answer to the first question becomes a response to the second question

Here's a proof of concept:

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