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More Milling!

This week I am working on producing pieces for my Designing the Absurd project...

I modeled my pieces in Rhino, measuring my phone case with great precision.

I didn't approach this with a complete plan in place, so I experienced several instances of re-milling a piece, which was nerve-wracking but ultimately successful.

For instance, I realized I needed a cut out from this piece after I milled it. Luckily the exact placement of this piece was not a critical factor, so the re-mill was successful.

Another element that I wanted to add were the screw holes, but they were too small for the bit. I tried to enter different path options to see what would work for the bit and my screw size, but ultimately I decided not to mill it on the Othermill and do it by hand instead.

I love the Othermill! I'm able to make really precise cuts in relatively short periods of time. The turnaround is excellent when everything is working :)

An early prototype of the project:

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