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My Dream World

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

All my dreams are nightmares. It's true.

But I've had two extremely vivid dreams that had nightmarish undertones, but weren't overtly bad or terrifying.

One of them occurred around 7 or 8 am, after a full night of constructing a final project at school. We had finished our work and the sun was coming up, shining through the glass doors at the entrance of the building. I needed to take a nap, and slept beneath the structure we created.

I experienced a lucid dream, of my consciousness leaving my body and flying around the structure, observing all that was happening around me. I saw people who were talking and chatting around me, even though my eyes were closed. I flew through the structure and up the atrium like a ghost witnessing my dead body.


My other bright vivid dream happened when I was on shrooms with my then-boyfriend. We were at his house and I was trying to fall asleep while listening to his heartbeat. This mysterious and magical world came to my. mind and it was operating at the rhythm of this heartbeat, like a drum in the distance. Imagine a factory in the style of an MC Escher landscape, and everything is colored pink and blue. There are conveyer belts and workers lined up alongside them in pink and blue uniforms. I tried to recreate this image using Midjourney AI.

My musical accompaniment is the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory soundtrack. It is whimsical, haunting, and mysterious. But -- any heartbeat can conjure this dream world for me. Spooky.

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