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Networked Chaos

This week we're performing over Zoom, and Persia and I assembled a wacko system to cast our performance:

We're channeling chaos, overlapping, and layering in our performance. There is also a light story of being hacked or overtaken by each other.

This is our rehearsal to see how long 3 minutes feels like. We have a lot of elements layered on top of each other, and I'm trying to get hydra to work on my computer so that I can do a live visuals coding experiment for our performance. Our narrative isn't so strong and we're definitely relying on visuals to carry this performance.

We're using Live Lab pop outs and our own visuals in the background (TouchDesigner for Persia and Hydra for me) to visualize our computer screens that are combined in OBS, then screen shared again in LiveLab, then that screen is shared to Zoom. I actually think we can cut one step out, which I will test tomorrow...

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