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Oct 18

Read this about Patti Smith

I appreciate the way Patti Smith explains that poetry is for the self and songwriting is for others. I feel that in writing as well, in the difference between journaling for myself and writing for others. And in my art practice, with art-making as therapy versus art-making as assignment.

Watch this video from Creative Time

Anne Pasternak said such a cringy line: "Kara Walker is encouraging us to look at things that are so visible in our society that we wish were invisible" Like, I'm sorry, did you misspeak? This whole video was such a glorification of Creative Time and didn't do Kara Walker justice.

Reference this article from the Brownstoner

Ugh I forgot that PAU was working on the design for the building. I didn't attend the exhibition when it occurred, and I largely ignored the goings-on around the Domino Sugar Factory because I disagreed that it should be demolished. The PAU design is also just so awful that I feel even more pained. I have been around Vishaan Chakrabarti more than I care to admit and I don't care for his personality or design sense.

Aside from getting distracted by the ugly marketing schemes of PAU and Creative Time, I like the references that Kara Walker is making and the homage being made toward the Domino Sugar Factory. There's still something about the whole thing that makes it feel a bit icky, like the developer gave Creative Time a bunch of money to make the public more at peace with the demolition of the building so they wouldn't face so much protest. I recognize Creative Time's interest in being smart and with the times, but if that were truly the case, they should have let Kara Walker speak on her own in the video. The Creative Time folks didn't add any value to the artwork, they were just tooting their own horn.

Read this about a play staged beneath a freeway

I am getting distracted by this article's passive writing style.

I appreciate the initiative to tie physical and mental/emotional freeways together.

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