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On Early Animation

In response to a New Yorker article, 'The Surprise and Wonder of Early Animation'

This article was a charming reminder of the spectacle, wonder, and labor of early animation. It's refreshing to think about the wholesomeness of animation in its early nascence, and a point of inspiration for animation work going forward. Animation today is no longer only sweet stories for families and children; shows like the Simpsons have inspired a new category of adult cartoons that are satirical and full of dry humor.

One thing that has not changed is the amount of labor required to make animations. The animation category has grown to include digital films that involve countless different forms of emerging technologies. In comparison, simple animations like Gertie the Dinosaur seem like morning exercises. I am actually inspired by the ambition of animators to work harder to achieve and create worlds that could have never existed before. It is heartwarming to know that the innovative spirit is still healthy in mankind, and exciting to see what will come next :)

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