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Our Cloud Lamp

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

This is our first P Comp project! The original idea was to create a lamp in the shape of a cloud that changes colors and plays a different song when a button is pressed. Three buttons represent three moods, or modes, that are reflected in the light and music experience.

Here's the final product:

Unfortunately, we were unable to figure out the code for the buttons to change the music on command. We got to the point where all the code was written for the buttons, but each button press would want to play the entire song before changing. This slowed up our entire project and it just stopped working. I thought it was a power supply problem at first, but my partner Tony realized that it was a code issue.

Is there a way to cut a line of code short before it completes? We had programmed tonal songs like the Cantina tune from Star Wars, which can be fairly long.

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