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Performing from Dementia

On Monday I performed what I'm calling 'What Does It Feel Like To Lose Your Mind?' to an audience of peers and classmates.

I didn't feel like I produced the best version of the performance, I actually think my playtest over the weekend was much better.

This time I was missing the live text element, and the chairs were a tad too close to the screen so the audience didn't quite notice the lighting effects. The viewing angle for the seats at the end of the row was also not ideal.

Here is a recording of the performance and the feedback I received afterward:

Here is a recording of the playtest that I produced:

(apologies for the rainbow projector, the camera ISO was too high!) - pay attention to the last scene in the video and the feedback session

Notes from my participants included:

- text at the end was a nice multilayered touch, but hard to pay attention to both the text and audio at the same time (they were also different!)

- location/size of the text

Here is the film that I played:

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