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Playing with Images in p5

These are two variations of self portraits using my LinkedIn photo...

See the sketch here

See the sketch here

I had a lot of ideas for this creative assignment that extended beyond my current coding capacity, including:

- graphically separating individual rgb values (to look like a 3d image with red and blue values offset)

- pixelating parts of an image more or less than others (randomly generated)

Ultimately, I became interested in the idea of anonymizing images and the gradual decay of being able to identify characters or figures in an image.

The first one pixelizes the image in a way that I wasn't expecting... I was experimenting with pixel size and arrived here, which I am kinda interested in. In a way, it's like an inverted pixel with a similar degree of anonymity/distortion. Plus the clouds are like a smokescreen and the image is always hidden behind it.

The second version is controlled by a mousePressed command that tints the image with every click, based on where in the image you click. The tint color is the mouseX and mouseY, which I like because there's not a lot of color in this image so you have to pick colors from the crazy pants if you want something interesting. And if you do... the image degrades faster.

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