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Presentation Feedback Part 2

Presenter 5: Julia

Feedback from [Doris]:

  • The slides is really clear, but you directly jump into the network makes my feel a little bit suddeㅈn

  • Prototype is clear and goooood!

Feedback from [Shuang]:

I have to be honest, I peeked into your deck. I think it’s an amazing direction you are heading. I remembered lot of the mapping we did together.

I wonder if and how you can draw the parallel between the statements you are making and your creations. Do you care if the participants got exactly what you want to say in the arts.

Your prototypes are amazing. It’s not only experiments. It raises questions too. Scaling is very important in the piece. I wonder how the size influence participatory aspects.

Feedback from [Cheer]:

Your deck is clear and your narrative is intriguing

Feedback from [Leia]:

  • You’re a great storyteller, your pitch hook is great & intriguing

  • I love the defining of your exploration areas.

  • I think the idea of “design system” or “template” comes a bit early for me to imagine what’s going on, you might be able to push it later in the presentation for more clarity.

  • I got lost on the physical computing part, still not sure how it’ll interface.

Feedback from [ toni]:

I love your introduction The prototype helps me to envision the final outcome. I am wondering what you are going to map. Will it be recorded videos? Documentary? Abstract animation?

Feedback from [christina]:

  • Interesting to think about the strength of each bond for each nodes or varying nodes. love you narrative and how you present!

Feedback from [Luhan]:

I think the way you explain your statement and build your idea one after another slides is really intriguing to me. I think you could incorporate this “building” in your thesis.

Feedback from [Changqi]:

I like the pictures and visual potentials of your presentation, I’m interested in the final form it will be delivered and I could foresee this to be an interesting experience.

Feedback from [Juliette]:

  • How do you view your project as connected to others?

  • What contribution would you like to make to the gap between the venn diagram? (wanted to make buildings/elements that moved)

  • What kind of scale do you want it to be? Book it now. Book a back-up.

Feedback from [Spencer]:

  • Love the non-linearity of the way you're telling the story – seems like part of your story.

Feedback from [Caren]:

I love the concept and the angle to look at things from an interconnected node system. It reminds me of "Indra's net.'s_net

The image of Indra’s net is used to describe the interconnectedness or "perfect interfusion" of all phenomena in the universe.

All phenomena come from interdependent origination. All world systems exhaustively. All the different phenomena in all worlds, interrelated in Indra's net.

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