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Prototyping: Mobiles

I've been talking about making mobiles for a minute now, and have done a lot of research and thought about material. I got a bunch of aluminum sticks from Home Depot that would be great for heavier objects because it has a lot of strength in its height axis. I was doing a lot of research about wire and didn't find anything that I liked, then learned that piano wire (music wire) is really stiff and strong. So I got a bunch! Apparently Alexander Calder also experimented with piano wire.

So, now that I have material, I had to think about what to actually make a mobile of. I thought to replicate simple webs that are straightforward and easy to understand. One: My family tree. I went with my immediate family for this one, and really loved how it turned out. I sketched out this shape because I didn't want it to look like a family tree with hierarchy. It was also important to me to show that parentage is a union and siblinghood is equal.

I filmed this with the flash on, through a fisheye lens at 0.5x zoom, which is why it looks so funny, but I love it. It looks like I'm looking through a space ship portal.

Then I also made a mobile of a closed friendship circuit: A linear relationship loop that connects two friend groups, thus making a complete circle in brooklyn friends.

I love this one a little bit less because gravity didn't give me the shape that I wanted.

In making these, it really felt like I was making jewelry when I was bending wire and working with small little token shapes. Felt a little torturous, to be quite honest. Piano wire is very tricky to work with.

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