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Red Marks the Spot

Leia embarked on my experience! Their red umbrella leant a beautiful red dot to catch your eye across an otherwise gray and muted canvas.

I sent them along with a piece of audio that was a Four Tet track with a voiceover on top, asking questions including

"How do you start a story?

What details catch your eye?

Which elements of this canvas will become integral to your scene?

How will your brain fill in the blanks?

What else do you need?

What else do you see?

What is unseen that very well exists here?

Why are you here?

What are you looking for?"

I didn't stage the tableaus in any special way other than marking the spots and direction of view. I felt like the locations had so much to say for themselves and I didn't need to fabricate a story with a staging. I was more interested in the story that one might be able to build just from the environment, or better yet - the multiplicity of stories.

Some notes:

- Leia didn't catch the mark for the 4th tableau, which was at the same point as the 3rd tableau, just facing the opposite direction. She went ahead and walked around the promenade instead. I think she was excited to be here because it was her first time.

- Leia was compelled by the flow of traffic underfoot, saying that it drew her in the direction of traffic, along the promenade. I liked this note.

- Leia loved the turnaround at point 3, and noted that it felt unnatural but she was rewarded by a lovely bed of flowers.

- Leia noted that the tableaus were all in places that she wouldn't necessarily think to pause.

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