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Hello thesis friends!

I really enjoyed the Something from Nothing activity, and I am known to love systems mapping in general. The node that stood out to me was mapping which I translated into cartography. From there, I checked out a ton of books from various NYU libraries, all having to do with mapping and cartography. I've been indulging in them bit by bit, and am learning more about what I am interested in.

From here, I realize that I want to study more about Calder mobiles and mobile making and sculptural technique. The vision that I have burned in my brain for my thesis is a giant mobile that fills a room and is interactive, through both physical and digital connections. I'm inspired by the work of Sarah Sze, Alexander Calder, Jean Tinguely, and more.

I found this web site on how to make a mobile (lol) I didn't know that you have to work from the bottom up!

Man Ray

Jean Tinguely

Sarah Sze

Sarah Sze

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