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Say Trees!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Tuan and I worked together on this AR project featuring our friends, the trees!

We both want to spend more time in nature, but are constrained by school schedules and busy lives! So we decided to use this project to bring trees and nature to us. 'Say Trees!' features a billboard where trees pop out from another world! They came to visit us and interacted with us, then went back home to their world.

We definitely hit some obstacles along the way... first of all, we didn't have a lot of time to film because the weather was really dreary and wet, and our scene takes place outside. Though now I reckon it would have been fun to have trees visit us indoors. However, because we were filming outdoors, working in the real world was tricky. When we went back to review footage from Aero, as soon as we closed the app, the assets were displaced. Loading times for assets were also quite long, and it didn't seem to work well in places where connectivity was low (Red Hook vs Bed Stuy).

However, it was definitely fun to bring these trees to life! I also had a lot of fun making the music for this scene - I livecoded it using TidalCycles, and kept some of the weird computer glitches that occurred at the end.

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