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sometimes it works...

In class I connected my arduino and continuously received a "Connection Refused" error from Shiftr, then in a random moment and a huge surprise, both MQTT AND RTC connected.

Now I've also connected it and left it alone for a while, only to come back and find that it connected! But the time isn't quite right. It's showing 7 PM, but it's only 2 PM here.

I definitely have the GMT set correctly.

Something weird is also happening once the RTC is set. My arduino stops printing Serial messages for incoming data AND error messages (like when MQTT disconnects)

Fortunately I have LED feedback to tell me what's going on... but I don't understand why my Serial print lines are not sending

Also, for the record, I was going back and forth between initializing WiFi under wifi and SSL, and this time it connected under wifi.

I checked in with Gracy who suggested that I try connecting to Mosquitto, which I had been successful with in the past, just to see if the problems were occurring under me or Shiftr. As I guessed, I had a flawless connection with Mosquitto

But now that I'm saying that... mosquitto is now not receiving messages from Arduino :(

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