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Take a Sound Vacation Into Her Brain!

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Assignment #1 for Hypercinema / Comm Lab

with Erin Tao

  • In teams of 2, collect sounds for a sound vacation. This could be informational, fictional, sensual, spoken-word, musical. It could be about infrastructure, architecture, people, or something completely different. Be specific, and transport us to another location through a 1-2 minute journey crafted through sound.

Our concept for the sound vacation was to recreate a person's shower thoughts, as if the listener were inside someone else's brain. We spent a lot of time talking about what feelings we wanted to convey, which was also informed by the sounds Erin and I recorded. Erin recorded fun sounds like the Animal Crossing theme song, which made us think we could make our sound vacation goofy and light hearted.

Our character is taking a shower before a date, and the ambient sounds around her are reminiscent of brain activity, or brain noise--phrases that I'm using to describe a head full of excitement or energy.

Listen to our shower vacation!

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