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when is a good time to say goodbye? // will you miss me when i'm gone?

At the end of the summer I was playing around with text in touchdesigner, and had a going away party called "will you miss me when I'm gone?" The title for the party was inspired by a re-production of 'this beautiful microclimate' and Sarah and I had been spending a lot of time asking each other questions to prepare for the performance.

Several days later, my grandpa passed away, and the next Thursday was the first day of school, and the first day of print and code class. His funeral was on Saturday and we were assigned to prepare an animation to produce in riso for the next class.

So, I borrowed and simplified an existing TD script to make the text loop, reading: "when is a good time to say goodbye?" and "will you miss me when I'm gone?"

This little animation packs a powerful punch for me, because it represents so many things: life and loss, grief, printing 2 colors on a risograph printer for the first time, an awesome photoshop session with Kelli Anderson, the beauty of analog riso printing, touchdesigner skillz, and my awesome summer in Santa Fe. I'm really proud of it, and I'd like to make it again using more perfect prints and higher res scans.

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