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this beautiful microclimate

this beautiful microclimate was performed for a live audience of ITP students for the LIPP show as a class final, led by Matt Romein.

Sarah and I came to our idea for this performance through our excitement of being in front of a live audience. For the first time this semester we had access to people! Lots of them, and in one space, paying attention to whatever we put in front of them. So instead of putting something in front of them, we put the audience in it.

Through a series of questions that grow in complexity, we're challenging the audience to think on their feet. To trust their gut feelings and answer quickly.

What I like about this performance is that it brings attention to a lot of things at the same time. It highlights the fact that everyone has a different experience: all audience members are already expected to have different points of view, but even more so by bringing themselves into the mix. These selves which Sarah and I have no control over.

This performative experience also presents ideas of individuality and collectivism: at what times are a single person isolated from the rest? At what times are responses split evenly down the middle? At what times are responses hard to discern when the corresponding actions are relative to the room, and outside your cone of vision?

I also love that this performance creates more questions than answers. It opens a realm of curiosity about ourselves, our audience, the state of the world, everything, and everyone.

I think I speak for both of us when I say that we would love to continue working on this project and bring it to more audiences. One idea for now is to perform it again for the incoming students late this summer or early in the fall. Stay tuned!

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