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Tiny LED Message

First, I'm sad to announce that my ATTiny programming jig has been misplaced, and there are no proto boards in the shop at the moment to make a new one. I will ci

rcle back with Phil on Monday to see what he can do. Luckily Carla had a photo of my programming jig before it disappeared.

In the meantime, I will program it on my breadboard.

Update: There are also no 0.1 µF capacitors in the shop. I will reuse one.

Step 1: Rebuild programming jig on breadboard. Success, no issues

Step 2: Set up Bootloader on ATTiny85. Success, no issues.

Step 3: Write code and send it to the ATTiny85.

Ran into an interesting bug in my code. Wrote some code to create an SOS message in morse code for the LED, but the HIGH and LOW signals are being crossed somewhere from my data to the LED.

I reversed the HIGH and LOW signals and now the LED successfully communicates 'SOS' in morse code on a loop. An apt feeling for today's struggles.

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