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[a 5-10 minute experience]

You enter a room, but you've actually arrived to some random point in a universe that is my world. You're lost. You don't know where you are, what you're doing, what's supposed to be happening, or why you're here.

Do you like being in the dark? Do you feel comfortable not knowing what's going on? Are you an explorer who welcomes challenge and craves discovery?

Look around the room, what clues can you uncover? Where does the map lead you? What story are you crafting as you traverse through the universe?


Suspended from the ceiling is an intricate network of hanging objects, connected to each other in various ways. Objects (nodes) branch in different directions, switches beg to be flipped, glowing lights attract and follow you in the space, nodes brush up against your leg like a fern in the forest...



  • What do I want the audience to feel?

  • I keep coming back to this phrase: One's place in the world. What does that mean?

  • Could this be a participatory experience for people to add themselves to the universe? They can find the realm that they think best suits them?

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